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  1. Davem

    Oneida Lake Advice

    It would be early June. I thought I'd rent a boat from Charley's and do the west end and the next day Angler's Marina and do the middle/east end. Right now I'm figuring I would target islands/shoals/buoys in 18' or so and use 1/4oz jigs with black/purple and a half crawler. And a tandem worm rig with a whole crawler. I'll ask both Marinias for advice once there but sort of needed to anticipate a few things. I thought I'd get a drift sock to slow down the drift speed. If what I am planning sounds good/bad/ etc.- any comments appreciated- thanks. I've heard casting over weed beds works but in Early June- I wasn't sure if they were around.
  2. I have fished from shore and caught perch and small mouth bass but I plan in June to rent a boat for a few days and target walleyes. I'll have minimal equipment. No trolling motor, sonar, etc. I'll probably get a drift anchor and also bring an anchor. I have a map of the lake, I was thinking of using crawlers and drift. What kind of a set up is best? A single hook? double hook harness? A worm rig with a spinner blade? What color blade? Would minnows work instead of a crawler? It seems some sort of weight would be needed to keep the rig at the bottom if you are drifting. It also seems jigs are popular and black/purple is a favored color. What size/weight jig is best. If you tip it with bait, a whole crawler or half a crawler or a minnow? I've read that around the buoys is good so I've thought about just anchoring and using a slip bobber to keep the bait about a foot off the bottom. With the modest amount of gear I have and suggestions is appreciated.
  3. Hi: I'm retired. I moved down to Florida but I come back up every year.
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