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  1. There's 6 spin doctors 8",3 pro troll 8", 2 luhr jenson 8" and 3 11" flashers 14 flashers for $75.00 That's $5.36 apiece If you want them shipped add $10.00
  2. Two Cannon Mag 10 a ,need new cable and bases, I'm including one swivel base needs new spring! $300.00!I bought theses originally for parts both riggers ,work a little work and you can have a working pair of riggers ! Make me a reasonable offer !
  3. No auto up / auto stop Riggers are in very good shape, plus I included everything you need ,retrievers, wiring, weights .releases, and stackers to start fishing!
  4. Sorry took so long to get back with you , I live at Fulton Mills Apts in Fulton NY 13069, group 3 & 4 are available!
  5. I live at Fulton mills apt in Fulton NY 13069, sorry took so long to get back with you, yes they still are available.
  6. Sorry took so long to get back to you , yes group 1 is still available
  7. 1 Group 3 $54.00 or best offer! Group 4 $54.00 or best offer Group 5 $54.00 or best offer NOTE: PICS ON LEFT ARE FRONT SIDE AND RIGNT ARE BACK SIDE!!!!! Make me a reasonable offer!!
  8. I have four Okuma GLT 8.5ft downrigger rods with three Cabela's Depthmaster reels size 30 and one bass pro Strata Maxx reel ,all four are spooled with 30lb Berkley big game and fluorocarbon leaders. Also two 9ft dipsey rods with Cabela's Depthmaster reels spooled with wire. $70.00 apiece or $400.00 for all six! I'll take $350.00 for all six!!!! NOTE: Theses rods and reels have had very little use and are in very good shape!
  9. Dual planner board mast with mounting bases and ,hard ware! Two Big Jon reels! Two Super Ski collapsible planer boards and flags! 22 Clipper line releases. $300.00 I'll take $275.00!!
  10. Two Cannon Mag 10S, with swivel bases, telescoping booms, weight retrievers, 2 13lb torpedo weights with scotty releases , mounting hard ware ,wiring, and two Romer stacker releases. $400.00 for the pair.
  11. Ice sled 49"x26.5"x10.5".Converts to a wind break, you can use it with or with out frame, Wheels on frame makes easy pull on bare road, has ridged frame for towing!$75----Baffin Trapper model size 13 ,only wore a few times like new!$50----Ice creepers $10 a pair 2 XL 1XXL
  12. Not at this time, but if they don't sell I'm going to split them up into groups, I'll let you know if I do!
  13. I live in Fulton NY 13069, I think to heavy and bulky too ship, I might meet half way . Terry
  14. Fulton ,NY 13069 the bells are sold, downriggers are still available!
  15. I'm live in Fulton NY 13069 about 12 miles from Oswego or Fair Haven. I could meet you half way I'm not opposed to that.
  16. Send me your address and I'll box them up and see how much to ship. Terry
  17. COPD is getting the best of me can no longer do this type of fishing! Two cannon mag 10s with swivel base, telescoping boom, 13lb weights, scotty releases and romer stackers. $400---2 three rod holder planer board mast with reels and super ski collapsible boards with flags $300 will split mast and boards 2 mast $150, boards $150---I have 4 Okuma Classic pro GLT 8.5 downrigger rods 3 with Cabela's Depth master reels and one bass pro strata maxx and 2 Okuma Classic Pro GLT 9ft dipsy rods with Cabela's depth master reels $400---Two ranger nets with custom handles , one salmon with 6ft handle $50, one all rubber with 5.5 handle $75.---32 assorted flashers $250 with box thats $7.81 per flasher!---168 assorted lures some never been in the water with Amish outfitters lure caddy , sacrifice $400 , Thats $2.38 apiece.
  18. Back to Back boat seat excellent condition.$150.00
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