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  1. DiverDux

    What size weights are you guys running

    Talked to Harvey yesterday after reading this thread. Was looking for advice on DR weights. Two 16# on the way. Thanks guys!
  2. DiverDux

    hauling over size boat ?

    Being too wide is probable cause for a traffic stop.
  3. DiverDux

    Weather Forecast

    We use the iWindsurf app. It shows forecasted wind speed as well as expected gusts. Does not give wave forecasts, but you can determine what lake conditions should be like based on the information given. Usually spot on and reliable.
  4. DiverDux

    Adjustable Rod Holders

    X2 on the Cisco products. They are bomb proof, made in the USA (Cleveland, Ohio) and truly the last rodholders you will need to buy.
  5. DiverDux

    New to the Salmon Game

    Thanks for the tackle tips.
  6. Hello all- Brand new here, actually this is my first post. We, my brother and I live in NE Ohio. We walleye fish on Lake Erie, so not new to fishing, just new to the salmon game. Going to come over to Lake Ontario and need advice on tackle (reels, rods, line, etc.) to purchase. We plan on fishing down riggers, dipsy's and planer boards. Thinking an August trip or three. I know this is a loaded request as I'm sure there are many differing opinions and options. Some of what we have been advised so far. Have to fish mono. Can't fish mono. Got to have copper. Don't use copper, wire is the ticket. Have to use 17 strand torpedo wire. Can't fish braid. Have to fish 45 or 55 size reels. 30 size is all that is needed. You see where this is going. So, give us a little guidance here if you will. Thank you all in advance, DD