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  1. I believe the buyer wanted to see that they operate as I claim before purchasing, and I don't blame him. Gentlemen, eBay has these listed from $450 to $500. Add the balls, terminal tackle, ball hangers and the retrievers, swivel bases and power pigtails and the prices I have posted are a good deal.
  2. Sorry. Had to go to town meeting. So 81 crosses 90 in Syracuse, go east on 90 and next exit after Utica is Ilion, about 1 hour.
  3. I'll go to the Ilion exit on I-90 and throw in the 2 pancakes. Can't find a buddy that needs to short arms?? Got more rigger weights.
  4. I'm in Connecticut, but will travel with all 4 riggers to Syracuse. If just 2 then meet up at Utica? Made the trip to Sodus for 22 years, love the lake just can't make the trip anymore.
  5. I have used 16lb pancakes on both the 2 ft and 4ft booms down 100+ feet.
  6. Last used on the lake about 5 years ago. Stored in climate controlled basement. Within past 3 months I have kooked them up to 12v battery and tested all 4. Yes all 4 have auto-stop as they are second generation. The older first generation have a grey housing, these are black. I will demonstrate all 4 are operational before sale.
  7. Penn second generation electric downriggers for sale. Includes swivel bases, power cord pigtales, ball retrievers, penn terminal swivels, ball hangers, cannon balls. 2 with 2 foot arms - $700 for pair. 2 with 4 foot arms - $750 for pair. All 4 for $1400. Tom 806-771-3552
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