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  1. Not really sure, the closest too me ashbridges is downtown Toronto. I might make the venture towards niagara river area quite often if I like it
  2. How do you run your downriggers and dipseys together? Do you run planet boards for the dipseys and then just straight off the back for the riggers ?
  3. I am pretty much asking for advice on how too set up the rods as simple and cost effective as possible but still being able too catch fish..
  4. Awesome thanks everyone! I fish hard every weekend just not for trout salmon. I only really fish eyes in the spring and fall but never DR for them before.. trying to focus on trout and salmon this year. What would be a good suggestion for dipsey rods?
  5. Hello, I am just getting set up for fishing Great Lakes for the fist time ever. I have a 17.5’ fisher w/ 115 merc. Helix 7 sonar, Two walker kingfisher riggers, two 8’6” Cabela’s rod and reels strung up with #40 powerpro and #25 big game.. that’s about as far as I have come.. any help from here too get me set in the right direction?
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