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  1. 8 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    Thank you for the kind words!  I strive to be the best in the business and I couldn't do it without you guys!  

    And u are the best in the business! Always a pleasure to deal with and answer any questions for anyone.   That Froggy/Bullfrog is such a killer on my boat lake trout fishing is easy amd boring now.  😂 

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  2. 9 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    I'll give up a trip or two of good king fishing for brown fishing in Early July any day.  There is plenty of time to king fish!  

    Guess i forgot who I’m talkin to Brian lol.  I swear your mission is to get fish on that leaderboard.  And u do a dam good job at doin so.  I never thought of runnin browns in July for the LOC.  always focused on kings and will trow some gambler rigs out from time to time and try to beat you on the board with lakers LOL.   Good luck this season

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  3. 14 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

    Compare the LOC leaderboards from Spring to Summer to Fall.  The summer LOC is LOADED with jumbo browns EVERY year.  The spring and fall boards are not consistent.  I will say it again, July is the best time for numbers and size.  

    I agree.  July u will get more consistent bigger pigs.  But by then most people r focused on kings.  I think now u get much better numbers thou, when u find the right water

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  4. Right now in mexico bay. Got a 15.5 lb brownlast night and dropped another around the same size.  Lots of browns in the bay.  Fished 5min with 4 rods for 5min this morning in 4to8’s and caught two 5lbers.  And said thats enough




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  5. 3 hours ago, juthunter32 said:

    I did mine through the online courses and it was complicated but if your computer savvy you can figure out how to get it done. I studied it for a full year before I took the final exam just to make sure. No matter which way it was taken it is not an easy feat. Congratulations to all who take it and see y'all on the water!

    There was 3 guys who had the capt. In the box online course in the class. They spent months doin the course and said screw it and sat trou the 10 days of hell. Everyone in the class made it trou thou

  6. 3 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

    Good luck 👍. God save any grumpy charter captains that try to claim “their” turf by crossing over your lines. Just wear your muscle shirt around deck and people will leave you alone lol. 

    Definitely not an easy course. All my bases r covered to become a LEGIT charter.  Just need this last certificate 

  7. Currently takin the GLC masters class in Syracuse.  Been a while since I have posted anything but spent years asking and lookin for a course to help me get my captains license to start running trips on the big pond. 
          Seen this question here on LOU many times about how to get a captains license, or whats the best way/course. I feel this is it.  Theres 3 guys in the class that spent the money on the “capt in a box” online course. Well here they r spending another thousand dollars.
         I’ve always been a hands on guy. Gimme a blueprint and I can build u any foundation u want,BUT maybe not so good when it comes to book smart and test taking. For me I know I could never obtain my captains license without takin this 10 day course. There is ALOT of knowledge to know and 95% of it I have never heard of.   I will be takin the USCG masters test this sunday and my confidence is trou the roof.  The instructor and this course is very well designed and well worth the $1000.  
        Anyone lnterested in getting there captains license check them out GLCTraining.com. Capt Mel been a pleasure to deal with and will help anytime he can. They have courses all trou the south shore. 

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  8. 23 hours ago, Zinger11 said:

    I have a spear set of keels if you need them

    Sent from my SM-G970U using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    Thank you,

    Would be nice to find used boats with double keels already but if the price is right and u wanna ship them, I will gladly take them off your hands.  New boats are $129 each and keels are $79 each new.  Just having a hard time spendin over $400 for a new set.  Spent way to many$1,000’s last season.  And this season is lookin the same:cry:

  9. On 9/8/2021 at 7:57 AM, Low Baller said:

    It was great to bump into you again Fat Trout. Last Saturday was definitely a perfect day. Great pic!! We had a knock off doing the same thing, scared the crap out of my grandson Andrew. Makes you wonder how long that fish was following. 😆  We're making a run this weekend for a 911 memorial cruise. Maybe I'll see you there. 

    Oh, ..you lost me on the 26? I don't think I've landed 26 salmon in my career on that rig.🤣

    Boy O boy Clarke.  That Fat Trout is Bad News! :rofl:

  10. Just left my camp on little salmon river. Saturday I went 9/15 5 salmon 4 skipper browns.  Lost a few good ones.  100fow.  Took 10 hits on spoons(fat nancy, nbk, carbon14) 2 hits on J-Plug 2 on FF.   Not one meat rig fired. 
    Today went 2/5. Same area no hits on spoons today.  White glow Fly behing a white black eyed peas flasher took 3 shoots before 7am then meat took a shot and J plug.  Lots of reports of a slow but somewhat steady pick today between 70fow out to 140.  

  11. Thanks for all the info.  This past Saturday 2.8 downspeed was the ticket.  Anything slower and didn’t move a rod.  All 19 bites i had came when downspeed was 2.8. And on meat rigs and 4-5 on FF. Ran two spoons for 30min without a knockoff.  Had to play with both motors and bags to get speed right due to currents but when i did all hell would break loose.  The past few weeks prior all my hits came at slower speeds 2.1-2.3Amazing how it changes day to day.  Good luck with you next trip. Tight lines. 

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