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  1. I have to say- the vast majority of fellow fish folk that I have encountered are pretty awesome. A few bad applea are not gonna run me away from my favorite pastime. Thanks to everyone for letting me rant, and chiming in.
  2. That's definitely not me. I would feel like a complete jackoff if I was fisbing where I shouldnt be, and messed someone's equipment up...not worth it when there's plenty of fishable water elsewhere!
  3. Yep. I dont ever try to go out of my way to ruin someone else's fun- life's too short to dwell on the jerks. A good rant and I let it go ( until the next time :D)
  4. They definitely saw me. I was not hidden in any way. They moved in even closer to shore before I could pull my rig in. Im fairly new to fishing- but Im not a complete idiot.
  5. Ok- this is going to be a little bit of a rant. I had an incident while out shore fishing today. Had a slip bobber rig out. There was a nice drift and the wind at my back, so my bobber was a good ways out. Farther than I can cast personally, but not out of a good cast range. So there I am enjoying myself, when some idjit comes speeding by super close to shore, runs over my line, and BOOM- no more rig for me. I know they were aware that they ran it over because they kept looking back at me as the booked it to the marina. My first impulse was to run to my truck, catch them pulling their boat out at the marina and deliver a super cuss out. But then I reminded myself that Karma is a bigger b**ch than I'll ever be. Anyways- this is not the first time that something like this has either happened to me, or I've witnessed it. If you're in a boat, move out of shore casting range. You have the entire lake for crying out loud! Its not like anyone can steer the fricking dock! Ive done my share of boat fishing too- and I know that sometimes the best fishing is heading toward shore. However, I can share the fun and either go slow enough to be sure Im not messing up the mood of those fishing from shore, or heading out to the spots they cant access from there. The people trolling or pulling those planer boad thingies so they're passing only about 50 feet from you are the worst. I've been tempted several times to buy some of that steel line used in deep sea fishing, throwing a super heavy weight on it, and casting it out so its right next to whatever fishing setup I have. Go on and run that over- see how it turns ourt. But again- what I said about Karma...
  6. Greetings! Im new here, but not so new to fishing. I was norn and raised in Ithaca, and have always been a casual fisher. Moved back after living down south for 15 years in 2011, amd caught the trout bug the next year. My favorite spot is Taughannock because I can take the kids and they can swim while I can fish. Ive met tons of awesome people who have always been enthusiastic about giving me tips. Im one of the only females I see that are seriously fishing, and that's just sad. (Ladies, we gotta get out on the water more!). I fish all over the place now, so if you see me- stop by and swap a story or 2. Im kinda hard to miss- just look for "the tall, black girl" who actually looks like she knows what she's doing.
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