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  1. I emailed them before and they do not carry the kit.
  2. I'm looking for the walker kit to crimp on to down rigger cable for the auto stop. Over the years I've had to cut the cable shorter and now the length of cable from the crimp to the clinch is too short . Please advise if you carry this item or can point me in the right direction.
  3. I picked up 2 walker down riggers with auto-shutoff and 2 tilt bases. One was a demo unit so new but missing the power cable but is the same style as the two on my boat. The second one is new in the box but the style is a lot different. It has an extra pulley block, bigger magnet and a protective steel flex tube over the last few feet of cable. My questions are : are the tilt bases worth installing? Advantages/disadvantages? Not sure on the new down rigger, anyone have experience with this style? Advantages + disadvantages? I've attached a photo.
  4. Sorry for so many questions. Did you paint it on a flat surface or hanging vertically? Can you just confirm this is the correct stuff, I checked today and the lid doesn't look like it would seal very good after use. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/plasti-dip-liquid-0482236p.html#srp Thanks.
  5. Thanks, that looks solid. I'll try that once the heat shrink tubing wears off. I think the tubing I have shrinks 2 to 1 but just ordered some 3 to 1 but will buy some plasti dip, hopefully it goes on sale as $26 for one application is pricey.
  6. Thanks I think CDN tire has the same stuff for around $26 a can. , did you do one coat or more?
  7. The flexseal came in a can and I painted it one. Fisherdude, do you happen to have the brand name of the product you used and how you applies it? I took the clinchers off and put heat shrink tubing but the end is not tight on the cable so I don't think it is going to last.
  8. Hello, have you tried this method before? If so, please describe the application. I bought some flex seal which I believe is the same stuff. I used the rigger for one trip and all the rubber is off. I looked at the instructions for Plasti Dip and it is described as peel able.
  9. It looks like here in Canada it is only sold in an aerosol
  10. I saw another post where they said to use liquid electrical tape, thoughts?
  11. ???? Not sure what the link is for. The contact us doesn't work from that site.
  12. Hello, I have the Walker down-riggers with the auto shut off. There are some metal pieces crimped on the cable and when they pass the sensor it stops the motor. These crimped on pieces were covered by heat shrink tubing and it is coming off. I don't know if the tubing is original or necessary. Would anyone have the answer for this?
  13. My son some how broke the connector on the pole and pushed the pins into the base. I was able to fix the base but the plastic on the pole is damaged. Anyone know if you can get the plastic connector for the pole. It is an Attwood 912854 base is 91022 but is is probably a standard part.
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