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    Hanover, Ontario Canada
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    05 Starcraft 115 Suzuki 4 Stroke

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  1. Is this the one that you can't change the batteries on?
  2. dctaz37

    Boat touch up paint

    I reached out to the dealer where the boat was purchased but haven't heard back. Hanover, Ontario Canada.
  3. dctaz37

    Boat touch up paint

    Thanks for the info., is that true for an aluminum boat?
  4. dctaz37

    Boat touch up paint

    Does anyone know how to find the correct touch up paint for a 2005 Starcraft 170 CStar?
  5. I found a few of the lures on the left from this site, thanks. Anybody have the lure on the right?
  6. Still looking if anyone has some?
  7. Any painters in Ontario Canada you can recommend?
  8. It is funny because the lures I have don't have any paint on them but they still catch fish just not as good as they were when they had paint on them This lead me to believe it was the action but I found a bunch of the same lures only a different colour and they just don't produce.
  9. Yes watermelon. I think they call the one on the left, bad melon. That is the one I'm looking for. I have 5 of them but no paint left on them.
  10. dctaz37

    Sold / Closed 110 Spoons

    Okay thanks for the update.
  11. dctaz37

    Sold / Closed 110 Spoons

    Any of them look like the attached photo.
  12. I'm looking for these lures to purchase.