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  1. Port Credit - Ash Bridges bay marks everywhere in 50-70 FOW over 140ish csnt tell you why they wouldn’t bite but there were bait fish swarms and clean arcs last Saturday
  2. EVEN better! Baby budgets don’t make room for gear thanks
  3. Just started reading but was hooked immediately -- really appreciate how open most guys are with tactics/ reports. I live downtown TO at the moment but get out 6-8 times a season for bass, pike, muskie, salmon. 16ft. camouflage Legend ("The Glorious 12th"). No down riggers yet, so I'm still focusing on spring/fall salmon since I can;t get down to them in the summer. Fish out of Ash Bridges Bay or Collingwood if I can -- 6 month old at home, so hoping to be able to make the most of my times out on the water through some research on here.
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