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  1. I would def be interested to n a tourney like that. May have to make it like one day out of a week tho. Being small boat sometimes the o won't play nice and may not allow small boats to get in the lake. So having a wide array of dates might be beneficial. 

  2. Southbay boat and tackle is closing and having 30% off sale. They have a ton of gear. They're located in Rochester but also have a website and will take online orders as well. Just a heads up to the community. Tons of stream fishing trolling terminal tackle etc. 

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  3. On 2/14/2020 at 8:18 AM, gaatoo said:

    where do you mount reels if you have a pic that would be great


    I actually received two sets of reels when I purchased the bundel. On set was potounted these mounted to a bracket on the guys boat that I bought from. He made one up to mount on the now of his boat. I do not have a picture. Skis and reels are in good shape just have to figure out how you will mount them. 

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