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  1. manatee29

    Sold / Closed 2001 Trophy 2052 WA

    Did you get an answer on stopping the water in the fishboxes?
  2. manatee29

    Sold / Closed 1994 Thompson 240 fisherman

    Do you have a title for boat and trailer? Any pictures of the cabin?
  3. Did that this morning, legal and ready to go. Now just worried about the 99 degree forecast for Sunday, lol.
  4. I have a tag on topic if anyone cares to give input. Looks like the temps are going to sky-rocket this weekend, I assume this will push the fish deeper. Will the increase "shut the fish" down?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! From what I am reading I am gonna feel terrible if I don't get into some lakers in a week! Lol
  6. magill270, do you or anyone else know if Bears Bait Shop sells licenses? I know that I can get one online but I prefer to buy one in person.
  7. Can anyone recommend a tackle shop for some equipment (spoon, flies, spin and glo's) and advice for my trip up to Cayuga next week. I am staying on the lake just south of Aurora. Thanks in advance.
  8. I will be there for the 1st time in the 1st week in July as well, maybe we can work together to try to figure this fishery out. Also, I have been checking this site out for a few weeks and I am really impressed with the willingness of the regulars to share information. Not something you see everyday and it is greatly appreciated, I have my notebook full of information that I was able to get off these forums. Thanks to all!
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