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  1. I was wondering how much copper to spool on my reels. Will be up Saturday can’t wait.
  2. Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it I will have to go through all my gear. I usually fish saltwater so little change, but used to fish Moosehead Lake in Maine and Lake Champlain.
  3. Hello all my family and I will be coming up to Seneca for a week in mid July. I am bringing my 14ft Starcraft. Will be renting a house in the Lodi section of lake. Been reading about jigging for lake trout. Also have a set of down riggers. Would it be worth while to troll leadcore too. This flea issue has me a little worried. I have a few Davis spinners and numerous flies and plugs and spoons. What about for warm water species is it weedy. Is the lake ok to swim. Are there any bait shops in area. Thanks for time first time up that way can’t wait. Jeff Union CT
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