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  1. Thanks to all who have replied to my post, I found a set and no longer need riggers. I am still looking for a package of tackle for a reasonable price. Just looking for the basics for now to get started like spoons, flies, j plugs, flashers etc. If someone has a package that they are willing to part with for a reasonable price it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all and Happy Fishing!
  2. Thanks empty stringer. Im currently looking at a pair and if I don't purchase them ill get back to you
  3. Just purchased a new boat and we are looking to outfit it for Ontario Salmon. If anyone has any equipment/tackle laying around at a reasonable price, i'd be interested in hearing about it. Also looking to purchase at least 2 good quality electric downriggers. Thank You for your time, Bill
  4. Hey Jared, Just bought our first (real) fishing boat.. any Downriggers available?
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