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  1. Drifted/bottom bounced 3 way with minnows lower Niagara youngstown to Coast Guard Station Monday evening lookin for some Kings. Ended up nabbin a pig Catfish and a few smallies. After it got dark headed up to Lewiston drift and casted some glow spoons- it was pitch dark and gracefully bowed out. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. That is a great set up- I think that is how I will do it! Hope your slayin’ em out there. Thanks- much appreciated!!!
  3. Thats is nice to have a full track system im sure it will be great for ya. I am not sure if I would want/need a swivel bracket. I was really leaning towards runnin 2 downriggers aft area pointed straight back and 2 dipsies more forward angled outbpard. I will certainly let you know if I change my mind and thank you for asking.
  4. Thats excellent to know- hopefully yours is nice and sturdy now- Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks Shawn, I ran across the Ciscos a few weeks back. They all had great reviews and looks sturdy. They have 45 degree and 90 degrees ones so I would have to make sure I am getting the correct mate to my track. It also appears for the Cannons you need an adapter plate with them. Looks like I am giving them a call! Thanks again!
  6. Hi all- found this site and it looked interesting to me. I have a 2017 Lund Rebel XS Sport 1750 that I have been enjoying this summer. My goal here is to share knowledge that I have and gain some from the true experts as well so we all can have better fishing experiences. I am new to trolling out on the lake as I used to fish the creeks and lower Niagara for Salmon, Steelies, and everything else. I fish out of Olcott and Wilson. Ive been using a dipsy set up with flasher/fly combo on one and a Magnum on the other. Last week managed to bring in a 20 lb’ish steelie. My son had a nice King on that got away- live and learn! So here is my rookie question for my type of boat- I havent installed a downrigger setup yet partially for fear of not knowing what to get and also because I was learning with the dipsy’s- baby steps! For a boat my size w/the lund track system what would be the best (not to break the bank) mounting bracket for a cannon or scotty set up? Thanks to all!!! Dave
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