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  1. We decided to go to Oneida for the week to chase walleye and smallies. We did pretty good with the walleye, smallies were much tougher to catch than normal. Overall though it was a good week only got blown off the lake Friday night and Saturday until early afternoon
  2. Never been out onto the big water outside of the bay. Any suggestions on where to start? What to use?
  3. Heading to Chaumont for my second trip in mid September. Looking to learn to fish for those monster walleye. What should I be doing at this time of year. Stay in Chaumont Bay or Guffin Bay. Is trolling the only option? What should I be looking for? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Second time heading to Chaumont Bay in mid September. First time was a lot of practice casting. Looking for smallmouth during the day and one of those huge walleye I have seen pictures of. Looking for advice on walleye. Should I stay in Chaumont Bay or Guffin Bay? Do I need to troll or would crankbaits work? Still real green on walleye fishing.
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