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  1. Wish I didnt buy a boat last year. Good luck
  2. Really asked what type of tires on the trailer? Lmao gotta love trying to sell on this site.
  3. I was thinking about that but my gunnels dont have a lip really. What I really need is some sort of a flooding light for when we get a run on bait runners and for fighting big fish
  4. Looking for some ideas on lighting. I have a 18ft 2006 alumacraft and I like to night fish for stripers dont feel like using flash lights as much as I had to in the past. Anyone have any advice. Show me what you got!
  5. Getwidit

    for sale : usa Seark 1872 mv

    Still for sale
  6. I checked the loose wires in the hull hit them with a multi mete and they are definitely hot 12 v. Must be directly to battery because it's reading 12 volt with the switch turned off
  7. Getwidit

    for sale : usa Seark 1872 mv

    No body interested in the tanks of a seark? The reliability and power of a evinrude. Gotta be some duck chasers out there.
  8. I'm pretty sure everything just runs to the battery then to the motor.
  9. I found this in the back compartment with the battery and my bilge pump. I'm wondering if it gets submerged and its wired with something else if it could be sending current into boat hull?
  10. The bigger spots are on the transom and then along the edges on the side where they put the extra piece to protect the edge it has alittle. Which to me seems like water intrusion.
  11. I noticed some paint bubbling on my 2005 alumna craft. Dont know how long its been. There because I bought it a few weeks ago I noticed it but didnt notice all of it. What kind of suggestions do you guys have? Is it common, should it be fixed? Cost benefit type thing. None of it's real bad. I'll send pics tomorrow
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