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  1. Nice job man. We went out olcott yesterday and banged on some lakers before some minor boat troubles. Couldnt find any kings tho. Gonna try again this weekend
  2. Thanks for clearing up the canadian thing. Although the licenese is a little expensive i think i read $82 i think it may be worth it. What are some good vertical jigging baits?
  3. So as long as you have a canadian license you can travel into canadian water? Is there any other procedures you need to follow?
  4. Thats what i hear. More of a spoon program in skinny water than anything else From what ive been reading and hearing.
  5. Eh i guess mostly cold water stuff. Trout and salmon. What a preferred method? Trolling and maybe bouncing the ledge?
  6. Hey guys wondering if theres an existing thread or maybe start a new one on some tips and tricks for spring fishing the bar
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