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  1. My nephew had the same thing happen on a big ol' buck he'd hunted an entire season for. Made him switch to fixed a few years back, and he pointed me to the G5's this year.

    My old Magnatech needed an overhaul this year (strings, arrows, tune), and if things go accordingly, I'll be putting in for elk and moosefor 2021 seasons and beyond, so that was the final call for switching to fixed. I know people do, but doesn't seem right to throw a mechanical at something that big. Bows now "overgunned" for whitetail but I should be good and used to it if those dream tags make their way to my pocket.

    Good luck to you all!

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  2. I fish Waneta, mostly because I'm only 15 minutes away. Small lake, so you know they are there and your lures are getting seen, but it gets hammered hard. I used to think the bass got hit hard until i learned to distinguish muskie vs bass anglers. I would say most of fishing is for muskie. Lots of pleasure boaters and jet skis as well. BUT, the fish are there... this is only my second season targeting skis with 4 total caught so I wont try to say I know what works and what doesn't. But I see a lot of trollers. Weeds are heavy this year, and you have weeds and a couple points to target basically. Best of luck wherever you go!

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  3. In regards to the overall fishery, I made it out on the 31st and was able to get a handful of dandy pike. What was the exciting though was they were all fat and clean, really healthy fish. Usually any fish out of Seneca that I get are skinny and covered in wounds of some sort, regardless of species. Kinda got my hopes up for the lake making a turn for the better in the near future.

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