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Karen Dolan

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  1. Really appreciate your input. I think a weekend project. Listing everything in detail. Hopefully Ebay bidding war LOL Have a good weekend and thx for your time!!
  2. I have dozens (hundreds?) of Dad's lures. After Googling Red Eye Lures / Evil Eye it brought me to this site where it was discussed that one lure alone was valued by you members at $11.00. Is the only way to sell by putting a specific price on the lot or is it possible to sell in BEST OFFER form? Obviously if you feel they are of a certain value, there would be good offers. I don't care to sell each individually, too daunting a prospect...too many. There are also many bins of hackle (kept in moth balls) vices, many boxes of labeled by size hooks and weights. Looking for advice. I know how to sell on E-bay but thought I might have more action on a site like this. Thanks for any help Karen in New Orleans
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