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  1. ejb

    Sea nymph help

    Thanks for your info I'm taking in all I can get. And yes the transom is another concern that has been on my mind and don't know if I want to get into that. Again thanks
  2. ejb

    Sea nymph help

    I can see foam when I remove the seat pedestal bases and the foam is wet . I'm thinking its waterlogged along with the plywood flooring wet also. The water most likely is coming from the livewell supply hose that must have been rubbing on something. For now I'll just cap off the intake until I decide what I'm going to do and watch a bunch of videos on YouTube. Thanks for your input all is very helpful and welcome.
  3. ejb

    Sea nymph help

    this is what i'v been looking for i'v got a 1995 sea nymph 195 GLS and want to replace my floor. i think the floor layout is about the same as yours. i'm taking on water and would like to try and find out just where it's coming from after the floor is out.
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