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  1. Thanks all for providing info... as it is difficult to ascertain market value when i seem to be the only one selling a used 16 (still the only one in eastern canada from what i can see?) - of course a few used have finally appeared in the U.S. and the price of new ones has fluctuated according to availability... since i'm trying to be fair to buyer and ''seller'' i'll post an edit as soon as i have a picture of the AI ducer
  2. HI... not sure what you mean - since i'm not afraid of criticism i'd appreciate knowing... tks
  3. If anyone wants to check... go to current Hodges Marine - it is 3999.00 U.S. out of stock (guess they unloaded they're last one) - The few used i found were 2600 to 3000 u.s. Anyone interested i will be posting it soon at 3500 cdn with 18.3 update and Active Imaging 3in 1 transducer.. as soon as i confirm ducer arrival... tks Ps: sorry whaler forgot to mention that's a big walleye around here - nothing to brag about for charters on the big lake who catch multiples on a day's outing
  4. To whaler... apparently not but will be lowered later - haven't seen any other carbon 16 used for sale in eastern canada yet - Re: that u.s. price + 30% exchange + shipping + import duties = ? $$$ To: NymphO.... yep - working on it.. i'm in no rush To: Big fun loving... i've got a 9 Inch carbon for that price eventually
  5. Tks.. so that's 2699 U.S. - have to figure the exchange/ etc and go from there
  6. * 16 inch Solar Max Touch screen * Hi- speed dual core processor * comes with AI 3 in 1 transducer for 2D/chirp\downscan/ fish reveal + enhanced side scan * $3000.00 cdn (with new transducer) * 18.3 update installed - see new icons per LIVE program and capabilities *immaculate unit / very much like new in original box * ps: just had to put a fish pic in since i found the fish and structure due to the high resolution available from the carbon 16 * Jacques. tougas - [email protected] or facebook
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