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  1. Sold! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I have a vise for sale. I just bought a Regal and I don’t have a need for this. It’s barely used and comes with both standard and midge jaws. New everything is about 250. Im asking 150.00 plus shipping. Vise is like new! Only bad part is that a tube of super glue leaked and it got on the under side of the base. Can’t be seen unless you flip it over. It can probably be cleaned off but I don’t want to risk ruining the finish. Truly a great deal. I also have a bunch of flies listed that I am parting with.
  3. Hi all, I have been redoing all my fly boxes. I’m going to be posting small lots of flies that I haven’t used in the past season or two. I will have small lots of flies. I will list them fairly priced as singles or lots. I tie all my own stuff. I usually tie more then I can ever use, hence the overload. I only use premium hooks, good materials and make them right. I hope I can offer some of you some good deals! Thanks for having me! 1. Clousers are 2 each or lots of 6 or more are 1.75 each. Take all 20 for 1.50 each 2. Estaz buggers/sminnows are 1.50 each. I have a few dozen in various colors. Great for panfish and bass. Anything really. 3. Fish Skull decievers are 5 each. They are about 5” long. I have 4-6 of each color. I also have unweighted ones not listed. Not as pretty, 3.00 each for various colors. 4. Wooly buggers I have 14. In olive, black or brown. 1.75 each. Hopefully you you guys can use some of these!
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