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  1. Hello fellow anglers! I wanted to announce the release of FISHBUOY Pro v2.0 Fishing App which is free - and does NOT contain ads. We are hoping to get your support and feedback on the app. This is not a social media app! Android users download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fishbuoy.fishbuoy&hl=en_CA iOS users download here: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/fishbuoy-app/id1083908781 This latest release contains a ton of new features that Great Lakes anglers will appreciate. FISHBUOY PRO KEY FEATURES: NAVIONICS BATHYMETRY MAPS: Beyond FISHMAPS, we've integrated the world's most popular lake contouring software - NAVIONICS. Now you can see your fish catches over contour maps or plan locations before you head out onto the water. Simply use your existing NAVIONICS App login credentials and presto, you will start to see contour maps within FISHBUOY Pro. ACCESS REAL-TIME INLAND AND MARINE BUOY WATER CONDITIONS: No matter where you go, understanding water conditions is key to success. Water conditions influence fish feeding times and locations, spawning/post-spawning migrations, ability for fish to see or smell your bait, etc. FISHBUOY Pro gives you access to NOAA, USGS, Environment Canada and Canada's Water Office data. In a single app, you can access all the information you would traditional source through online site or multiple apps. Includes: Marine wave heights, winds, surface temps, bottom temps, lake flow velocities (great if you don't own a FISHHAWK), marine barbs, and more! LURE COLOR/DEPTH ESTIMATOR TOOL Select a color and see how it looks at various depths in the water column. Uses the visual light spectrum to help you find the right lure for a given depth. ACCESS REAL-TIME WEATHER DATA: It is a well-known fact that weather directly influences fish activity. Changes in air pressure, air temperature, wind direction, sunlight hours, moon phases and brightness directly impact how, when and where fish actively feed. FISHBUOY Pro now connects anglers to weather maps that include doppler radar, wind speed and direction, air temperatures and more. FISH CATCH RECORDING/DIGITAL DIARY: FISHBUOY Pro expands your mobile device's camera into a fish data capture tool that helps anglers rapidly save and tag fish catch data, weather, water and marine conditions to each photo - automatically. Fish catches are stored to a personal digital fishing repository that is by default PRIVATE! User may share their fish catches publicly so the entire FISHBUOY Community can benefit - it is your choice to make your catches public. FISHMAPS: Each photo is automatically added to this PRIVATE and interactive mapping feature. Displaying your fish catches on a map helps you to quickly conduct in-depth analyses of your fishing success - using spatial and temporal techniques. FISHGALLERY: Have you ever tried to show a fish photo from your devices photo tool? Like most of us, it probably took you a long time. Not with FISHBUOY. Your entire history of fish catches can be recalled instantly. We've also added a filter by species and time to speed up the process! FISHBUOY GROUPS Create private Fishing Groups and share your fish catches with your close buddies. Each photo posted offers details about water conditions, weather conditions, fish species, bait color, and location. Groups also help anglers organize their catch by Lake Name, Species, etc. FISHBUOY DERBY/TOURNAMENT: Convert your group into an event/tournament and let the games begin. Events allow participants to share their fish photos to a single group and view their ranking throughout the competition. The group creator can add participants via email, hide sensitive data such as where fish are being caught and much more. FISHBUOY COMMUNITY: If you want to help other FISHBUOY Community members, simply select the “Public” posting feature and share your fish catch data. If you prefer to maintain your photos privately, simply leave the default “Private” option on. Alternatively, you can also share your photos (excluding data) to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is so much more to the app! Please send your feedback to [email protected] FISH ON! Martin Draeger Founder, FISHBUOY™ www.fishbuoy.com
  2. Hello there I am interested still available?
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