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  1. I've been fishing out of Bronte Harbour the last couple of weekends. Not picking up much but a few small salmon mostly just trolling spoons at 40-90 ft of water trying to say out of the heavily stained water coming out of Bronte Creek. I probably should be making the run to Port Dalhousie but we're a bit a lazy. Anyone know when the bigger fish start showing up in the Burlington-Oakville section? We're not marking much even in deeper water.
  2. Hi Folks, just checking in. I fish out of Bronte Harbour in Oakville. We have a beautiful new launch which is making it really easy to get out for a quick fish. I run a black, Lund Rebel 1650 with 90 merc. Not a big boat but in a north or west wind we can get out and chase the salmon around. Not a lot of local fishing reports but perhaps I can help get that going.
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