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  1. Incase anyone is interested here is a discount code exclusive to the forums to save 10%. Code: LAKEUNITED
  2. I was given this discount code for this forums to save 10% on any purchase. Code: LAKEONTARIOUNITED
  3. Hello All, I am probably breaking some forum rules and I do apologize for that, but I wanted to share a newly launched website Tackle Depot. Tackle Depot is the Canadian version of Tackle Warehouse. This means cheap shipping and competitive rates. They also have an affiliate program that pays out 2.5-5% for all referred users for life. I thought some of you might benefit from this and I wanted to share this. I asked permission to post this but never got firm answer.
  4. Hello All, Website: www.tackledepot.ca Tackle Depot mission is to supply everything you need to get on the water. Canada’s Fishing Outlet. Gone are the days where you need to go searching for the products you need. Let us bring all the products to you. Tackle Depot offers everything from Soft Baits, Hard Baits, Swimbaits, Jigs, Buzz Baits Chatter Baits, Spinner Baits, Casting Reels/Rods Spinning Reels/Rods, Line Terminal Tackle, Electronics, Storage, Apparel, Eyewear and Accessories. This is only the beginning of what will be in store at Tackle Depot. Affiliate program has been launched to pay 2.5-5% commission for life! Tackle Depot Affiliate Program Let's be real who is tired of paying high exchange rates and import fees. Save on shipping and rates with Tackle Depot!
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