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  1. I agree at this point. Bigger and better issues to worry about. Ty
  2. Cable is brand new. Cannon wont work with auto stop. Thank you any ways
  3. So no friction against line. Ill have to see about tjat. Tu
  4. I thought about putting several coats of liquid electrical tape on retriever end to soften it. what is cannon end made of that is on cable?
  5. Unfortunately no. In order to access release clip you have to pull retriever back to atleast 8 inches from boat to clip line in
  6. Thanks for idea. Its only section from boom to my release do about 18 inches. Booms are 4 ft. Thought maybe that you could slide some type of sleeve over that area for protection. rigger also has autostop on it
  7. Appreciate option but that is what im avoiding is lifting that boom everytime. when uou get in your mid 50s it doesnt get any lighter. Lol
  8. I have scottys ball retriever on my coated cable with my moore subtroll. i normally am using a 12 pound weight. when i use retriever it keeps stripping coating off of cable when i pull it to the boat. I fix area on line with 3 coats of liquid electrical tape but doesn't stop problem
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