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  1. Awesome 8wt fly rod outfit that I used for 1 season on the tributaries. Located in Rochester, but will ship if you'd like! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Echo-Ion-XL-890-4-8wt-9-Fly-Rod-Ion-7-9wt-Reel-Combo/184282897048
  2. Hmm makes sense. Appreciate the input. Good to know. I'll have to see if I can find a charter that would know to head out deeper during that time, because the 2 that I called today were instead trying to get me to go in July/early August.. but i can't get everyone to go out then.
  3. Hey guys. A few friends and I want to book a charter in the first, maybe second weekend of September. I know that salmon will be staging outside of the tributaries by that point, but was wondering if this is too late in the season to find any chrome colored kings that will still be good to eat? If it is, we'll just have to look towards the mid of august, but I wanted some opinions from the vets. We'd still be interested in going out if steelhead, browns, and lake trout are going hard, but chinook/coho is our main target. Thanks!
  4. J O

    Hey all

    Hey guys. Recently moved to Rochester, from the Albany area. I primarily spin fish for trout in streams & ponds, with the occasional fly fish trip. I've fished dozens and dozens of various bodies of water in the Adirondacks since I grew up just south of it, and I'm looking to fish as much as I can out here. See y'all around.
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