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  1. I was out fishing yesterday and almost every step I took I was finding lures. I guess it was a combination of the rocky bottom and the abnormally low tide. This was by far the most "productive" fishing day for me! Unreal... I shot a video of everything I found below. Hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/0jUowiAP5yE
  2. Fun video I put together of some of an incredible Walleye trip. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Caught my first ever Brown trout this year. Also while wading, I came across a skull with a hunk of flesh trapped in it's mouth. Anyone know what kind of skull this is?
  4. We caught about 60 pike, although they were hammer handles it was literally fish on almost every single cast with many double headers. By GoPro batteries died half way through the day... Hope you enjoy!
  5. First time fishing in Texas and caught my first Gars and Catfish including a monster!
  6. I knew that Lake O had a gobie problem that was here to stay, but I didn't realize how many there actually were until I threw my camera in the water... Brutal. I was surprised there isn't a ton of bass or pike or even carp picking these guys off. Do they feed on gobies?
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