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  1. On 9/9/2021 at 7:12 AM, Wth said:

    I believe a lot has to do with who bought tickets. I know that stalker caught the top salmon at 32 but he also the week before cleaned a pair of 34's and a 35 but the clients were not in the derby. I believe there were winning fish caught out of every port but not entered in the derby. 

    You can add us to that group. We took a family vacation in Olcott mid August and  we caught 3 kings that would of made the top 20.  Our biggest was 29.6. We are walleye fishermen from PA that just got lucky and had a good week. The fish did seem a little bigger this year.

    what a battle that 29 pounder gave us! Had so much fun, coming for two weeks next year. 

    Good times,




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  2. Fished Olcott the past 5 days with family. Had a great time but the fishing was slow for everyone it seemed. North winds made things a little rough at times. We did find a pocket of Quality Kings in the 87-95 foot range. Had one morning we went 4 for 6 on big Kings. Most other days we just picked up one or two per shift. Did better on spoons, but we did catch 3 on meat. Varying speeds and sharp turns seemed to entice the bite. 

    Great talking with all you fishermen and women around the docks. Always a great time. 

    Take care

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  3. 14 hours ago, fishfearme said:

    I will be coming to Oswego the last week of August for some salmon fishing. Looking for a place to buy some herring strips when i get there. Any suggestions?

    I just normally order a case and have it delivered to my house before I come up. 

    I just got a case from tackle haven. Delivery to my house was like 3 days. 

  4. I bought a new boat this past year with a Garmin reactor 40 and Garmin 7600. I put 140 hours on my boat this summer and now would never own a fishing boat without autopilot. 


    One time this summer when when I pulled my boat up to the Georgian Bay in Canada for some reason the autopilot came out of calibration. I was able to talk to the dealer and they talked me though the calibration screens to get be back going the same day. 


    I must say that that when I ordered my boat I cringed at the price of autopilot and almost decided against it. After using autopilot for a summer I realized that was some of the best money that I spent on my rig. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Jeremy Goodison said:

    What depths were you. Have a ladies charity tournament tomorrow morning.

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    We came home yesterday. Fished the previous 4 days. 350-400 was our best water in front of plant. Fished mornings and evenings and had about a dozen hook ups each time out. We only had a landing percentage of 50. Lost many BIG fish. NE wind since might of changed things though. 

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  6. Out of Olcott in 400 ft of water had a big king smash a Chinook Diver that I just started sending down under drag. 60 ft on the line counter which was 30 foot of water. Ran out 600 feet and parked for 20 minutes. Never gained on it. Finally spit the hook. 


    I thought that was a cool bite! Wish the story had a happy ending. 

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