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  1. We came home yesterday. Fished the previous 4 days. 350-400 was our best water in front of plant. Fished mornings and evenings and had about a dozen hook ups each time out. We only had a landing percentage of 50. Lost many BIG fish. NE wind since might of changed things though.
  2. Out of Olcott in 400 ft of water had a big king smash a Chinook Diver that I just started sending down under drag. 60 ft on the line counter which was 30 foot of water. Ran out 600 feet and parked for 20 minutes. Never gained on it. Finally spit the hook. I thought that was a cool bite! Wish the story had a happy ending.
  3. And I think there are lots of dinosaurs out there this year!
  4. Super Women Stregth if that’s I 42 pounder. I don’t think so. Twenty something.
  5. Wonder if people with a Captains License will need to take it?
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