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  1. I'll be sure to check everything out! I saw there plenty of waterfalls around to see, and yes the town looked to have a lot going on. Looking forward to it all!
  2. I appreciate all of the advise given. Sounds like I am at least headed in the right direction here. Looking forward to the opportunity to fish this area! I do understand that the Lake O tribs are probably better fishing, but I will get there eventually. Fishing or not, it seems like the Ithaca area is a pretty cool place to check out.
  3. All very helpful information, thank you so much! Cant say much of it is a surprise. As far as the browns go, it is definitely not the goal of the trip. Just curious what my odds where. Only Salmon I've ever caught was a kokanee in Montana, so the salmon would be my main target I guess. Also never caught a laker before. This trip is more about going somewhere new for change, not so much what I'm catching as long as I can catch something. Again, I appreciate the help!
  4. It had certainly crossed my mind, but I've been there before. I am hoping to go somewhere new this year. Plus from my limited experience in the region, i really enjoy the area.
  5. Lol I kind of figured that it might be tough to get any info, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm used to figuring it on my own so I'm sure I'll be fine. With limited time there I just don't want to waste too much time.
  6. Hello Everyone! So I am not from the area (about 4 hours South in Pennsylvania), but I will be taking a fall trip to the Finger Lakes region in the fall. I feel like I have a done all of the online research I can do, but I still have some questions. I'm going to ask a lot, but any help at all would be much appreciated. I also want to mention that I am by no means looking for anyone's secret spot or anything. I like to do my own exploring. I will be up there hoping to fish some of the fall runs for Salmon and Brown Trout. So far it looks like the Ithaca area on Cayuga would be my best bet. I was also thinking about taking a day to go up to Oswago Lake as well. Every fall I go to Lake Erie in PA for the Steelhead runs, but I just want to do something different this year. I am just going to list a few questions below, and feel free to send a message to me if you would rather not post on here. -When is prime for the run? I was thinking about going in either late October or Early November. -How crowded does it get? -I've researched the major tributaries that fish will run up, but will they run in some of the smaller streams as well? Like I said, I like doing some exploring. -I also read that Lake Trout may find their way into the tribs, any truth to this? Also, how is the shore fishing for Lakers around the same time. -How are the Brown Trout runs? I would love to hook into some big browns. -Lastly, how is the shoreline access on Cayuga?
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