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    1986 Cherokee Boat Model 280-SFHT
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  1. Ok, I posted the link to Harbors End on IBoat in my Facebook Group. A couple guys were asking about pictures and interest. Good Luck, if you sell it because of me, don't forget to send my portion of the commission.....
  2. Hobo; I searched IBOAT and didn't find any listings for Cherokee in any price range.
  3. On the "SEARCH" bar in FACEBOOK. You must be in FACEBOOK, Not in Google, searches there do not see Facebook groups. Type in or cut and paste. CHEROKEE BOAT FAN CLUB
  4. Sounds Good Hobo, I think there's a member or two in my group looking to buy one. Have him contact me, or send him to my group on Facebook.
  5. Hi all; New member here, I was doing some google searches trying to find Cherokee Boat listings or owners and found this site. Last year I bought a 1986 Cherokee SFHT280. a 28 foot Hard Top Sport Fisherman. I found it tough to locate info on the boat, because they went out of business in 2007. So I started a Facebook Club. Any one with an interest or ownership can join the closed group, but I'll review and admit if you tell me you saw this post. I am documenting Hull Numbers and keeping a registry of owners, I have documented over 30 at this point, but I think there was about 189 built. CHEROKEE BOAT FAN CLUB on Facebook Bob Syracuse, NY
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