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  1. 300 and 400 copper are probably your best bet year round. You dont want to run copper off a dipsy.

    400 has landed me bigger fish then my 300. But the 300 takes more fish then the 4. You want a convector 55 or tekota 800. And around 300 yards of 50 lb braid backing. Alot of tackle shops sell already spooled set ups.

    Copper fishes best off of big boards, but if u dont have a mast the tx44 boards are ok.

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  2. Hey guys.  Im looking to do a transducer upgrade for my Simrad GO9.   Currently have a lowrance skimmer which isnt the greatest. Im looking to upgrade to an Airmar TM150 or the  Airmar TM165HW.


    Has anyone used either of these?  Thoughts?




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