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  1. Thanks for the reply! Whats the difference between 32 and 45lb copper, other than the obvious breaking strength? Looking at the dive chart they seems to achieve similar depth.
  2. I've been trolling for walleye for 15+ years on Erie, but very new to salmon/trout and trying to figure out what to run. I will typically be fishing out of Braddock's Bay, but also occasionally on the Finger Lakes and New Buffalo, MI, so looking for versatility and would like to keep it simple. The current plan is to run a 6 rod spread, maybe a 7th down the chute. I already have the following: 2 x Riggers, one with Bloodrun 30lb seaflee, one with Ande Pink 40lb 2 x Dispy (#1 with ring) on 19 strand wire (thinking about switching to #5 Chinook divers for more depth) 2 x TX44 Inline Planers (with Lock-Jaw clip) What would you recommend to run on the inline planers? I was thinking copper or weighted steel, but not sure which or what lengths. I plan to purchase 2 setups only, but I'm happy to add snap weights for depth flexibility. I was guessing a 300-400 copper and a 200-300 weighted steel, both backed with braid and a collection of snap weights (not sure how heavy?), but I'm open to suggestions? I also have 2 x 10 color leadcore setups I could mix in but heard that could be risky to tangle with copper. Thanks in advance, Rich
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