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  1. thank you very much! i do have a license but bought it online, so I’ll have to download the pdf next time I get one. I looked up the float rig and will re rig my poles so that I’m in regulations for the next time I go out.
  2. How many floater rigs do you normally set up? also any tips on storing them? Why do they recommend using different line for the leader?
  3. Where do you see the regulations on the lures? i went through the links and didn’t see anything on lures. i did find one which covers seasons but nothing on lures. i recently got some trout magnet lures, but they have 2 treble hooks. 12 mile creek in Wilson is primarily where I will be fishing, (not sure if this is allowed or not) are those same Regs in place there? With the assumption that I can’t use the lures, I figure a hook worm sinker and Bobber are my best bet?
  4. I use spinning reels, with lures. And I like to have 2-3 poles with me to try other lures or worms.
  5. Hey All, I'm fairly new to fishing, at least doing it well... I have young kids at home, so I typically don't get to fish more than once a month, and I wanted to see what I can do while I'm not fishing to improve my chances. I went and fished some of the tribs in Niagara county yesterday and really enjoyed it. Water was really muddy and fast, but at least I was fishing. So, a few questions. I was reading here last night and hearing about some angst against trib fishers, So what can I do to make sure I am one of the good ones? Then, any tips for a angler just starting out? I'm used to fishing ponds ,not streams and would love any help. I don't have a boat, since when I started fishing I got wife approval on the condition that I wouldn't get a boat. Thanks, M
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