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  1. Tuf-Line does offer two types of lead core.  One is Tuf-Line Lead Core which has a polyester sheath which I would put in the traditional lead core category where a Willis will work fine.  The other choice which this topic relates to is the Tuf-Line Micro Lead with a Spectra sheath and is advertised as 30% thinner and stronger.  Allows for use on smaller reels and is supposed to have similar sink rate by being smaller diameter.  That thinner diameter makes it harder to do the Willis for me.  I use the Micro Lead on Saltist 50’s with 10 colors and have been happy with it.  I use back to back uni knots to tie it.  For shorter cores I use Stealth Core and use the Willis.  To me the Micro Lead has an advantage in a longer lengths- not so much especially 5 colors or less. I have no interest in any lead core company by the way.

    Thanks guys.

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  2. For someone looking to tie in a section of mono to use in a release into lead core, they probably should look at using a traditional nylon sheathed lead core like Mason or Stealth Core.  I say this as the nylon sheathed cores are easier to tie with a Willis knot which likely would be the best choice to go through the rod guides easily.  I use the Tufline micro lead on my 10 colors and have never had much luck with the thinner line and the Willis knot.  Putting a number of sections of mono in a lead core means a lot of knots so they have to slide through the guides and be strong.  I’m not a fan of having lots of knots so I’d run a straight 5 color if I could only have one lead core rod and was after eyes on Erie.

    I haven’t used the tufline. What’s the issue with using the Willis knot.

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