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  1. Looking for a marine gps to mount on a snowmobile for Onieda lake fishing! What do you guys got? Don’t need to be perfect just needs to work and have a mounting bracket.
  2. $30 shipped to your door. Never used
  3. $40 shipped to your door never opened
  4. 65 shipped to your door
  5. 2 mags and 3 others $30 shipped.
  6. $75 for the pair shipped to your door with 12 pound maxima spooled on them!
  7. Looking for a older unit that will work to mount on a snowmobile for ice fishing? Needs to take have a chip insert for Navionics !
  8. $35 shipped to your door!
  9. Yes still available if you want to send me your address I will mail today. [email protected] is my email
  10. What do you want I didn’t mean to post joking picture! Just noticed I did on accident
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