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  1. Thanks, it felt good to get our feet back on land. We were almost straight out from Fairhaven. We drifted almost 2 miles in the hour it took them to get to us.
  2. Yes that was me. Stalled out on us and wouldn't turn over. Had 12 volts on the gage, but acts like it's licked up. Won't even try to turn over.
  3. Thought I had the motor issues figured out, but this picture tells a different tale.
  4. Same here. Marked a ton at 50-55 in 140 fow. No takers, had some engine issues so we had to bail. Not happy.
  5. Went out from 5 to about 7:30 tonight. Marked a lot in 130 to 140 fow but not bites, try again in the morning.
  6. Thank you for the recommendations. The Boat is going to stay at the dock this Morning. I can see O feom out cabin and it looks prety nasty.
  7. What app do you recommend for monitoring the weather, wave height, etc?
  8. Has anybody heard what the numbers in the river are looking like? Sounds like the lake is still a bit warm for the big push.
  9. I guess my 20'starcraft islander is a small craft then. Lol. I will be staying on port bay near Wolcott for a week. Hopefully I can find some fishable water.
  10. Headding up on Sunday. Hope the water cals down. Just out of couriosity what is considered a small craft??
  11. I have never fished meat rigs before. Do you recommend whole herring or strips, and where do you buy them from?
  12. I wouldn't call my boat small, but it's not overly big either. 1984 20' starcraft islander . The park has cabins available that's why I'm looking at going there. Dont really want to sleep in a tent in late september. Lol
  13. Alot of great info to digest from this thread. I see alot of recommend launching out of pine or Mexico. I will be staying by wolcott last week in Aug, how dar is that from these area? Also any recommendations on where to fish if launching out of fairhaven? This will be my second trip to O. So much to learn. Thanks in advance.
  14. Launched out of Golden Hills, 2for2, motored down to olcott, caught this brownie in 40 fow and my nephew caughet his first ever laker also in 40 fow. Gold and orange stick bait and laker on a line green spoon. Has some mechanical issues so we cut the day short around 1130.
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