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  1. A berth isn’t a big deal to me, main thing for me is an enclosed head and a pilot house that can seat four
  2. I’m looking for an Alaska bulkhead with a bench inside the pilot house or at least seating for four - need to keep my kids contained and warm underway the guy on Otisco have a pilot house ?
  3. All, I’m a big fan of aluminum fishing boats and I’m gravitating toward a Hewescraft 250 Alaskan - it has a pilot house as I have small children I need to keep out of the snot if things kick up. I also absolutely need a dedicated marine head (stand up) which this boat has. Do you think this all aluminum boat will get too hot in the summer? Is it overkill for Ontario/Finger Lakes? Want to make it a trolling machine Any alternatives with my requirements that you’d recommend (pilot house, dedicated marine head)? Prefer running outboards... Thbanks in advance!
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