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  1. This is a petition to the province of Ontario to open the boat launches. Sign and pass around. http://chng.it/cBc5rJLfwj
  2. Thanks for the advise everyone. I picked up four Okuma 453s and four 9’ ugly sticks. Now only if the province lets us in the water!
  3. Hi, i'm new trolling the great lakes and have recently setup a boat to go out with my brothers. We live close to Lake Ontario but will also travel to Lake Erie. We want to be able to fish anything from salmon to walleye. Our boat is capable of holding 6 rods, with two down riggers and 2 lines on planer boards. At this stage we are trying to decide which rod/reels would be the best for our needs. Ive cruised around this forum and found people seem to recommend the Ugly Stik BWD 1101 9' medium action. Should I buy 6 of these? if so, what reel and line do you guys recommend? any tips or any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and take care out there!
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