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  1. I plan on fishing this area the week of July 7th to the 14th. If anyone knows some good spots for bass and wants to make some DOE RAY ME and take my wife and I and my 13 year old grandson out for a day I would be greatful.
  2. Happy to see the Captain Bob’s hat. Hawk is a great guy with a great store.
  3. Oswego or not ,I understand no slips this year but is Launching ok. Thanks in Advance Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  4. I sure hope if ever one makes it in the water I hope you folks find it thank you for your honesty Kodi nox
  5. Found this in an old tackle box from a garage sale. Kodi nox
  6. where can we sign up for 1K....and deadline Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  7. and Sharon didn't have any entry tickets or information. Kodi nox
  8. This was shot with a GoPro hero 5. I had a hero 8 to end the season, and that's even better. Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  9. I'm by no means a pro when it comes to fishing the big lake and don't have down riggers. I generally fish 2 rods and fish alone, so take this report for what it is. Hope to get back out Saturday, maybe in a different area.
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