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  1. Thanks man! Hopefully soon it will but as of now try an sell off a few things to keep a float
  2. Cylinder 5/6 have 60lbs not locked up will still turn over it's a 25" Shaft no parts have been removed from the motor New starter Injectors Prop that is still in the box Asking 400 Located North East, pa
  3. The few people I have had the chance to talk to on here have been Incredibly helpful!
  4. That would be correct. I'm gonna try it I know it's something that's gonna take time to learn but with practice and a few swear words I should be able to get the hang of it.
  5. I ended up ordering two okuma set ups to run #45lb copper 200s. I have been watching a ton of videos hopefully it looks as easy as people show.
  6. Like to start off by saying hello, So I'm new to trolling this will be my first year really getting in to it and had a question. It will be me an a buddy on the boat most if the time a max of three people. I have two cannon optimums ts, fish Hawk 4Dx, hopefully allowing me to simplify some of the learning curve. Don't plan on running more than four rods at a time. But here's where my question lies would it be beneficial to run divers my first year or would it be something to hold off on? I don't wanna get over my head right off but if it's worth learning it I would definitely like to. I see mutipal mixed reviews? Second question what map card should I be running on my lowrance system to show the proper outlines of the lake? Thanks for the help tight lines.
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