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  1. This is a new 90 horse Tohatsu. I'm pretty sure that the height is okay but would like it verified. I have a straight edge just under the cavitation plate. I've seen many others mounted a bit higher. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Didnt even think of a one inch bump to 16. Probably not gonna be a cheap prop.
  3. Yeah... the dealer in my case are pretty useless I hate to say. I only bought if from them because they had the boat i wanted. The ECU is going to help advance ignition timing but it can't get more air (high altitude symptom) into the motor. The standard practice for mountain lake fishing is get a prop with decreased pitch prop (which usually come in 2 in increments). What I'm wondering is that maybe going to a 4 blade instead of increasing the 2 inches. Like I mentioned above I could read line the motor as is, so it's slightly underpropped even for high elevation.
  4. Max rates are 5300-6300 for this motor. I could over rev this motor if I wanted to so I know I need to increase pitch but I am wondering if keeping the current pitch but adding a 4th blade instead. I've gotta have decent holeshot for when I take it to sea level (outrun a swell coming aft of me)
  5. So I got a new Thunder Jet 186 Rush boat with a 90hp Tohatsu (Honda really). Anyhoo, i had the dealer set me up with a high altitude prop (i usually fish at 4000 ft, sometimes higher, sometimes at seal level). So i definitely want to get some increased top end speed. Right now I get on plane instantly so dont mind losing a little of that. Okay, so my question is... go from my current 3 blade 13.5x15p to a 3 blade 17 or, and this is what I'm curious about... stay with 15p and switch to 4 blade. I'm thinking it may be a real sweet spot. Any suggestions appreciated.
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