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  1. Heya, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately our design doesn't allow enough space for thumb screws. My apologies.
  2. Hey Mike, because of limited space with the round base I opted for 4 stainless steel set screws. I also went with 4 so they stay secure in the track and don't rock back and forth. And another plus is the set screws can be tightened more than thumb screws. Only downside is having to use an 1/8" Allen key.
  3. For all of you fellers looking for rod trees here we go! Feast your eyes on these beauts! Coming very soon! And accessories to soon follow. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. We have downrigger swivel bases that fit in all common tracks such as Traxstech, Cannon, Bert's, Cisco, etc. We also make a bolt on mount as well. We make to fit Big Jon, Cannon, and Scotty downriggers. Hope this answers your questions. If anymore arise don't hesitate to ask.
  5. I'm sorry we do not. We need to label our products. You could always take the decal off if you didn't want it on there.
  6. Also, since I'm drawing them up. Let me know what added features you guys would like to see.
  7. Funny you should ask. I'm working on them right at this moment. I should have something on our website in approx 2 weeks. They will be adjustable, but simple and stream line. Hate getting nets caught in stuff.
  8. There is a short demo video of our Rapid Retract on our FB page Advanced Innovations LLC.
  9. Hey Mike, They ratchet by how they're milled. And a spring loaded pin locks in one way to allow the holder to tilt back. Just press the button to release it to set back into position. The rod tube is 8" long. We manufacture most of the parts in house here in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. It's a big fishing town here.
  10. Yes sir! Well, new to making fishing equipment that is. We have a contract machine shop we work part time in (Advanced Innovations Design MFG LLC). We manufacture 95% of the parts in our shop. We do order our hardware, bearings, bolts, etc. All designed myself to withstand 2 nuclear blasts. Haven't been tested in that capacity yet. Which is good for all of us 😁 We do not have a written warranty yet. I'm small time. I know what it's like to work for your money and I'm not gonna screw you over. I had one set come back because of a minor design flaw. Sent the customer a new revised set and they were happy. Sold many since and nothing but positive feedback. And these lock in 45 degree increments 360 degrees. Any other questions shoot. Thanks for the interest, bud.
  11. Thanks for your interest! We sell each model of our rod holders for $99.99/each. Our downrigger swivel bases are $109.99. Any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks!
  12. Our new rod holders fit all common tracks and we have 2 styles available. Ratcheting holder for dypsy's and downrigger rods and a straight locking rod holder with 8 different positions. Very smooth movement due to sealed ball bearings. Heavy duty and built to last. In stock now! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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