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  1. It's all fun. I love this kind of thing! I have a spare parts motor for it too. I hear that most of the service shops nearby are not interested in working on these old girls. I would if necessary but for now, mini am money spent is good. It pumping water at a steady clear flow so told that pump/impeller should be good. good
  2. I post the problem in the "Clubs" section. Thanks
  3. Update: I wanted to try one thing before I followed the carb advice and other tips. I added a substantial amount of Sea Foam to my fuel started her up and took her out. She burped and farted and blew white smoke and then...accelerated without stalling! She didn't stay smooth and bogged down but after about 15 minutes much better. I let it sit and took it out again a few hours later. Much better. Not one stall! Still not 100% tho. I'm going to get some new plugs (anyone know which brand is best and the plug number?) Also will check the gap on new ones.
  4. With the risk of sounding dumb, what's ethanol fuel? I've been using just regular fuel but yesterday bought some super for the old girl
  5. THANK you for the advice. Im not sure what you mean but il Google and try and understand
  6. New here and hopefully I'm posting for advice in the right location. I have an old Johnson 6hp Seahorse. Model #:6R79E I can troll fine with it but as soon as I try and give it throttle, she bogs down and quits. Idles good too. I just put a brand new fuel pump on it, fresh fuel, clean tank, new lines and bulb last year (stored under cover). I have a new carb that was apparently rebuilt. It came with a parts motor that I picked up. Im a wee bit head shy to put it on as I don't know how to adjust it and at least this one runs. Advice? Any ideas or should I put the other carb on?
  7. Hello all. I have a 12ft aluminum with a 6hp Johnson Seahorse. Hoping some one can help this old gal with some motor issues
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