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  1. Good afternoon, I recently purchased a boat with an old circa 2003 FURUNO GP1850 chart plotter unit, I realize this is a long shot, but I am looking for a Lake Ontario FPCard. The card that cam with the unit has a code NA-C102.07 I believe a lake O card has to have a similar code. I have plans to up date the unit but REALLY want to try and get a couple of seasons out of the old one. Does anyone have any suggestions ( where to search for a card, a work around that doesn't include buying a new unit yet) Thank you
  2. Longshot question, does anyone have a C-MAP NT, Lake O card, or chip for an older Furuno GP 1850 W DF chart plotter? C-map does not support the unit and Furuno gave me some leads, but, nothing panned out. I plan up upgrading, but, was hoping not for another couple years. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you "The net" just visited his web site, under equipment it shows a 30 footer, with an 11'6" beam. A beauty I am sure, but too big for my dock / lift I am limited to 10'6' and 10k lbs. Thank you though, I appreciate your time, and the response Chris.
  4. Thank you Fish Hard, I am looking for something with Twins, as a first pick, but will definatly keep it in mind, Thank you for responding, and for your time. Chris
  5. absolutly, thats a must for me any boat, not just the Baha's
  6. same wording when i went to post the ad it immediatly wanted my ifo, for yhe 89 dollars. Anyway, i am looking and trying to make contacts now. maybe see the boat before then, then Springtime confirm availability sea trial survey and get fishing. Maybe a bit unusual, but once Browns start up boats will be wet, and charter guys will be working. So any contacts or referrals now would be awesome. Thanks for your time, Happy Holidays
  7. MikeyP to be honest, when I tried, the ad was going to cost me 89 bucks, so I cheaped out. George B I will look him up, thank you. Papa Smurf, Thank you, but really looking for inboards, for now
  8. Good morning all, New member here. I decided to start now looking for a boat for next year., I have been looking at different 'brands' but concentrating on post 2003 Baha Cruiser boats, that have been in fresh water only. I need to stay around 26 to 30 feet, with a beam of 10 foot, or less Twins preferred, but, not a requirement. Any help or leads would be appreciated, and Thank you
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