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  1. So installed everything over the weekend. Works perfect!
  2. That's the same information I came up with. I think I will be safe with 6 awg.
  3. I have about 12 ft of wire from breaker by batteries to plug. Currently has 8 awg. The plug will except 6 awg. Will 6a wg be good enough? I can also get 6 awg in red, black, and red with white tracer. So I could have the red/white tracer for my 36v power. Everything else "red" on the boat is 12v. Also I assume I only need one breaker on power coming from 3rd battery from bank to the plug?
  4. I just ordered this one. Good for 95 amps and 48 volts. I like the idea of twist lock, so there's no way of plugging it in incorrectly.
  5. That's a great idea. And i think the cost will be less as well. Thanks for the input
  6. So I have two ideas. One using a 3way battery switch (bat 1/bat2/off no combine of bothe 1and2) or replacing 2 prong bow plug with a 3 prong. Of course i would have circuit breakers where needed.
  7. I plan on using one quick release bracket on the bow, and either using trolling motor or anchor not both at once. Both with the bracket to fit the quick release. Depending on what species I am going after I would be using one or the other. So no need to have both plugs. And it wont take up so much room up there having both units installed at the same time. So when I go after catfish in the river, or anchoring up with buddies to chill and grill, I would have the anchor. Trolling for salmon/trout or bass fishing, I would have the trolling motor up there. I am adding the trolling motor, so I didn't want to have to run another plug, because space is tight. So I think if I put 3 batteries in series, and run the + to one pin, The - to the other pin. And on the third pin just a single wire to the + on first battery that the ground comes off of from 36v series? I think it should work. But I figured there is a wealth of knowledge on this site, and someone would point me in the right direction.
  8. I have a MinnKota DH-40 Deckhand Pontoon Anchor Winch. It is a 12v system. There is a 2 prong plug installed now. I'm waiting on my new 36v trolling motor. I was wondering if there is a way to install this 3 prong plug, and have a ground, 12v positive and 36v positive in the female plug. I could get to male 3 prong plugs and use the ground and 12v side on one male plug for the anchor, and use the ground and 36v side on other male plug on trolling motor? Is this possible? Any info would be appreciated!
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