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  1. We have had great success with our Reel Cool 3 7/8 inch trolling spoons but also received a lot of requests ro make smaller spoons too! We just launched our new line of 2 1/2 inch honeycomb patterned Trolling Spoons with size 4 Mustad Treble hook. These are all airbrushed by my 13 year old son. Reel Cool Lures is a family company located in CNY started by two kids who are now 13 and 11 who just love to fish. Besides Trolling spoons we also have a huge assortment of worm harnesses. Check out all the kids' designs and products and to place an order please visit our website at www.reelcoollures.com Tight lines!
  2. Reel Cool Lures is a fishing tackle company located in Central NY that was started by two kids who are just 13 and 11. AJ, is 13, and hand paints by airbrushing all our lures and spoons. Sophia at age 11 helps with assembly, prepping the blades for painting, beading and packaging. These two kids absolutely love to fish and they love being entrepreneurs. We started two years ago with Worm harnesses and recently added Trolling Spoons. To view the many designs and colors and to order please check out our website www.reelcoollures.com!
  3. We just use stainless steel because it gives good flash on the back and allows for better paint adhesion in our experience.
  4. We love pictures of catches and feedback! Thank you!
  5. The blanks for our Trolling Spoons are Stainless Steel.
  6. Thank you! Yes, it is a rather odd phenomenon that both my kids love to fish and love being little entrepreneurs vs the typical teenagers. LOL! We started Reel Cool Lures when they lost some lures one day when fishing in the weeds and asked if they could learn to make more. They learned to tie knots and airbrush. My son practiced, practiced, practiced airbrushing and by now he's amazing at it. (Proud Parent brag there lol) We are now in 11 Bait & Tackle shops across NYS and Hardware stores and continue to hopefully grow. Looking forward to being part of this site!
  7. Reel Cool Lures started two years ago and all are made by two kids who love to fish. Our Reel Cool 3 7/8 inch honeycomb pattern trolling spoons are all hand-painted by airbrushing by my 13 year old son. We also have worm harnesses and Strike rigs for Tip ups. www.reelcoollures.com to order.
  8. Thank you. They are 3 7/8 inch and $5.99 each.
  9. In the Summer of 2019 these two kids lost some lures while fishing in weeds. They had the idea to learn to make their own lures. From that day they learned how to tie, airbrush and first introduced their Reel Cool Lures Worm Harness. Two years later we have our lures, Ice Fishing Strike Rigs and newly added Trolling Spoons in 11 Bait & Tackle and Hardware stores across NYS. Also available to ship anywhere (www.reelcoollures.com). All our products are hand-tied and airbrushed by hand and made by two Reel Cool Kids. I hope you check our products out.
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