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  1. Launched mandana ran south to the first major lake point. Don’t know the name. Set out the rods. First time to lake so put out spoons I knew would pull lakers for sure. 40-100 fow down 20-80 but most fish came off the dipsys out 80 and 90 feet. Started off with a few smallies early morning first light. Dipsys out 40 with every spoon we put on them smallies crushed them. Hit the point and decided to check lines on riggers. All rods on riggers had lakers. Lakers were small but I was happy I wasn’t stuck reeling in jumbo lakers all day. Tan across lake and picked up a few more smallies and and lakers. Got one walleye out 75 on dipsy setting 1. Ended the day with 12 lakers, 8 smallies one nice perch and a 22 inch walleye. I will deff be making another trip to skan! Now I know spoon colors to start with for a more eye approach but the rainbows eluded us. Fished from 6:30 to 10:30. Next trip gonna run further south and try for rainbows on the southern drop off. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Taughannock is where I would start. I fish out of aurora all the time and havnt gotten a salmon in a few weeks. They’ve moved south as I am still catch a fair amount of rainbows in aurora so I know I’m doing stuff right. Spring and fall have been more of a time for me to target them. Cayugas been revenged by winds and rain messing everything up. Thermocline is down 90 feet last time I went out on Thursday. Lakes seems to be stabilizing now just hope we don’t get another algae bloom. Waters a nice clean green right now. 33 hydrasport
  3. Came off a customers pontoon. Said it was too slow so he went bigger. 84 hours on the add on meter but no idea of hours on the ecm. Probably the same as it’s only been used one year. Hooked up to beable to run and runs on the hose perfect. $3500 obo It’s on the shipping pallet ready to go. Have a video of it running and you can come and see it run too 3155678358 call or text do not pm me on here I do not answer. Aurora ny 33 hydrasport
  4. Honestly no idea. I can go measure it when I get home 33 hydrasport
  5. 9.9 Suzuki four stroke. Used it for a year on my 14 foot boat before I got a bigger boat. It’s just sitting around and not being used. Ran good when put away and I’ll make sure it runs good before it sells. Outside is in rough shape as it was a motor on a dinghy most it’s life. Could use a repaint or used as a duck boat motor. Comes with new impeller kit that I bought so I had it. Will probably need a different prop as this one has seen better days. Call or text 3155678358 Located in aurora ny $750 obo 33 hydrasport
  6. I have 29 spoons that I stripped the old nasty paint off and planned to repaint. I learned quickly I am not artistic enough to paint…. Give me 25 bucks and all of them are yours. There’s a bunch of different spoons in there and would even work great just as silver spoons and or hammered too. 33 hydrasport
  7. I have 4 diawa great lakes 47lc forsale. They are all in working condition. 2 have 250 feet of 30 pound braid and the others have 500 feet of 30 pound braid. 250 braid is 1 year old and 500 braid is 4 months old. If you buy all 4 I’ll throw in the 2 reel bags that I have. If you want the reel bags separate 5 dollars each. Only reason I’m selling these reels is the handles are too small. I like the big power handles of new reels. Shoot me a text 3155678358 as messaging here hasn’t been the best. I’ll ship at buyers expense or local pickup in aurora ny 33 hydrasport
  8. Only thing floating yesterday was in the scum lines. Leaves, sticks and seaweed. Stay out of the scum lines and boards stayed clean as a whistle 33 hydrasport
  9. Did you get any silver fish? Or just all lakers 33 hydrasport
  10. The 16 inch rainbow was full of baby bass. Looks like next trip I will be running natural color spoons that look like bass! And running shallower! 33 hydrasport
  11. Launched from my ramp at my house and headed to center of lake where I saw most boats set up. Got set up around 530pm. Marked tons of fish but not a bite for over an hour. Headed back towards shore. Once I got back into around 90 feet the thermocline was set up around 55 down and was 55 degrees there. 65 got you into the 40s. Had a fish take a 8 color but spit the hook. Then had a 5 color go off and got a 16 inch rainbow. A few lakers hit downriggers and a dipsy set out 200 feet on setting one with a black ice. Black ice seemed to be the key tonight as it took every laker we got except one mixed veggies. We took a turn to start heading out deep again after things slowed down and I bumped speed up so my fish hawk said we were doing 2.8 on the ball. The outside board went ripping! 5 color lead took a 23 inch rainbow! That lure had to of been doing over 3 mph. Every laker we got wanted the fish hawk speed over 2.5 and even some 2.8. Very weird night to say the least. Ended with 5 lakers and 2 rainbows. Fleas were non existent 33 hydrasport
  12. Launched at 630pm. Headed to west shore as north west wind made it hard to fish east side. Water temp was 72 on surface. Set first rod down 14 feet went to put the second rod on the rigger and boom had a nice 23 inch rainbow in the boat. Awhile passed before we had the next release. Got back on the fish and had a handful of small 18-20 inch fish which we kept for sandwiches. At about 8:15 we had a fish hit the dipsy out 80 feet on setting 3 so hard it took 174 feet of drag before it stopped. Pulled the hook and broke our hearts. Ended the night with a 27 inch rainbow which mended our hearts alittle but the big one still stung. Ended the night with 5 rainbows, 8 lakers and 5 pulled hooks on mystery fish. Great night. Some of the best fishing in awhile! 33 hydrasport
  13. I had one very small clump of water fleas on my one downrigger line but only when I got closer to shore in the 30 foot range. Out deeper towards 60 it was clean 33 hydrasport
  14. Launched at 530am. Noticed right off the bat water was down 8 degrees from Monday. 63.5 in most spots today. Wind was more south than expected so fished some areas I normally don’t. Did pretty well. Had a few releases from 5 color leads and one downrigger that was a laker. Marked good bait in 55 feet of water and stayed that depth. Had an hour with no releases but then they turned right back on. 2 5 pound rainbows and 2 smaller 2 pound or so rainbows and a handful of lakers. It was a good morning and I got my grandpa out there for some fun! Hoping these colder temps keep the fish high in the water column for longer. Down 20 feet the water was still 55 like it has been the past few weeks so that was good to see. Water cleaned up a lot. Last time I fished water had tons of algae and pollen. This cold snap must of killed all that. Could see bottom in 30 fow. 33 hydrasport
  15. Thanks! Only my second season fishing and first year I’m set up and focusing silvers only. Definitely one of the best days I’ll probably ever have! Had a great team and only lost 4 fish so I’m liking my landing rates a lot more now! 33 hydrasport
  16. In the first part of the report I state that we had a quad header and 2 of them were landlock salmon. There’s 3 landlocks in the picture. We caught 3 landlocks, and 7 rainbows. Released 2 rainbows. I know my species I just made a mistake typing. 33 hydrasport
  17. Launched at 630. Headed to my spot. Set up and had a quad header silver. 2 landlocks 2 rainbows. Went 40 minutes without another release then last hour and a half was insane. 4+5 color leads were going off like crazy. Riggers down 21 and 27 were pulling rainbows left and right as soon as they got down there. Every spoon I put out seemed to work. Ended the night with 9 rainbows. 2 of which I let go because undersize. And 3 lakers. Water temp was 70 degrees on surface and 54 down 21 and 50 at 27. All in all a great evening. Can’t wait to get back out and do it all again 33 hydrasport
  18. There’s one at the end of my road. It’s for the whole point but I drive a lifted truck so I’m really the only one who can launch because it’s so washed out and ruined by rain anymore. 33 hydrasport
  19. Launched from my private boat ramp this time. Fished closer to home. Found the bait and the temps I wanted. Fished for an hour and one release. Picked up everything and move to where I heard rumors of fish. Dropped rigger down 25. Turn around and my buddy screamed fish! Turned around and boated a 5 pound rainbow in 30 seconds. Threw boards out and went on to catch 4 rainbows, 1 salmon and loosing 4 more fish all confirmed silver. Fished from 730 to 11 so very productive morning. Can’t wait to get back out and take advantage of this crazy silver bite! 33 hydrasport
  20. Good condition plug mate forsale. No cracks or holes and clean $50 dollars shipped to your door Pm me for my PayPal Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Unknown spoons 10 dollars shipped Pm for my PayPal Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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