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  1. Thanks 20 foot lund tyee. Bought it this spring. She does well but I still gotta pick my days you know
  2. 17 lakers today. Scratched my itch. Onto the kings.
  3. I appreciate all the feedback. Got a cobra with gps and a 8" Shakespeare galaxy on the way.
  4. Would a hand held vhf radio be an effective alternative to a mounted system out on the lake. My boats not that big and I'd rather not mount an antenna.
  5. Ok. Thank you. I appreciate everyone's input.I'll try a couple see if it helps on those days.
  6. Blacks releases off rigger. 12 inch snubber between that and ball. Not pancakes no. .Regular cannon weights. Also 10 foot dipsey rods at 90°. Riggers run good majority of the time but occasionally things get wierd. I assume current is playing a role and probably not running as straight as I think I am on rougher days .
  7. Thanks. Just to be clear wire dipseys not getting tangled but doesn't seem to be spreading. Yes they are set to the correct side. Wire is just rubbing on rigger cable. I've fished shallower on smaller lakes with no current and braid dipsey rigs are way off to the sides. As far as riggers go one of my back cables would always be running at an angle toward the other one even on a long straight run. It wasn't total chaos but had more than one laker come in with the other line wrapped.
  8. Running 12 ponders . Even put wingers on my 2 riggers off the sides. Tried my wire rods with magnum dipseys on 3 setting. Had to pull them in cause one or the other would get into rigger cables. Just fishing lakers now so 2 rods works fine but would like a more elaborate spread when the salmon get in. Also 2.0ish just off bottom in 155 if that helps . Thanks.
  9. Getting tangles on riggers rods and can't even run dipseys. Seems to be heavy current pulling one side or the other on my sets. Some days worse than others. Obviously I'm relatively new to trolling ontario. Catching alot of fish but yesterday had too many tangles. Any advice?
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